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For Referring Providers



Patients will initially be seen in consultation, with the procedure itself booked at a later date.

Dr. Valiulis holds a focused practice designation in vasectomies. Providers may refer without billing negation.

Referrals may be directed to:

Thompson Medical Centre

130 Thompson Road

London, Ontario, N5Z 2Y6

Phone: 519 - 601 - 8621

Fax: 519 - 204 - 1759

Low Risk Obstetrics

Referrals are accepted at any point in pregnancy, and are seen within 1-4 weeks of referral receipt, depending on gestational age and level of urgency.

Patients will be followed for routine prenatal care, and for delivery at Victoria Hospital.  Following delivery, we would be pleased to provide postpartum care to these patients for six weeks.  Care of the infant will be directed to the primary care provider upon discharge from hospital.  If patients they do not have a primary care provider, they may be seen at  the G.R.O.W. clinic if capacity allows. Otherwise, they will be directed to clinics that can provide newborn care.

Referrals are also accepted for IUD insertions and removals.

Both Dr. Valiulis and Dr. Wright hold focused practice designations in low risk obstetrics. Referring providers will not have billings negated.


Please direct referrals to:

450 Central Avenue, Unit 108

London, Ontario

Phone: 519 - 672 - 3020

Fax: 519 - 672 - 6090

Important Practice Announcement

As of March 29, 2024, Dr. Valiulis and Dr. Wright are no longer located at the G.R.O.W. clinic. Please direct all referrals to the location above.

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